The Resurgence of At-Home Weddings

I've noticed the past few years a huge resurgence of at-home weddings rather than the traditional church wedding.  For me it goes back to my roots in photography when my biggest photographic influence came from perusing every Martha Stewart Weddings magazine I could get my hands on.  I love the ambiance and unique lighting challenges that an at-home wedding provides, but more importantly I just love the overall feeling of spending time with family and friends.  There are so many personal touches that show the personality of not only the bride and groom but the people who love them. The relationships, the laughter, the happy tears, the stories of family members no longer here...all of it reminds me of why I got into photographing weddings in the first place.

One wedding from 2017 stands out in my heart as embodying all of that.  Sit back and enjoy some of my favorite images from Lori and Laine's at home wedding.