We Are Dee Akright Photographers

We are Experience

Dee’s been capturing heart stopping moments for over 30 years.  Most of her associate photographers have been shooting professionally for 6-10 years or more.  And all of her assistant photographers have 2 or more years of formal training under their belts.  Plus, we’re constantly learning and updating our skills with seminars, online training, and in-house sessions where we share whatever new stuff one of us has learned with all of our other photographers.


We are Innovators

Dee was doing the lifestyle type of photography that’s so popular right now, way back in the 80s.  A full 30 years before anyone else.  She was also one of the first women in the area to photograph weddings, one of the first to provide unlimited coverage at no extra charge, and one of the first to mentor and train new photographers.  She’s probably the only photographer who attends rehearsal, and one of the few who always supplements her coverage with other talented photographers.


We are Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, every year someone decides, “I’m gonna be a wedding photographer.”  Then a year later they’re out of business and countless brides are left with no photos or bad photos of their wedding.  We’ve been doing this over 30 years, we’ve already made all the mistakes these new kids are making.  We’re solid, reliable, established.  And with several photographers on staff, if anything happens to your photographers, we have instant backups.


We are Ninjas

Churches love us because we’re unobtrusive and respectful.  Brides love us because we’re low key, yet efficient.  We get in, get the job done, make you laugh, smile.  Then we fade back into the background so you can enjoy your day.  All of our photographers are 5’6” or less so we’re not blocking grandma’s view.  And we always wear dark colors so we don’t draw the attention away from you.


We are Value

Sure, with over 30 years of experience and training received from some of the best photographers in the nation, we should be charging $4000-6000 to do a wedding.  But when faced with the decision to raise her prices several years ago, Dee decided instead to keep her prices low and just do more weddings.  Then she built a team of crack professionals who help her to be in more than one place at once.  In short, she cloned herself.


We are Real

If the couples on a photographer’s web site look like models, there’s a good chance they are.  Some photographers attend seminars and then use their photos of the paid models as samples to show clients.  Others do commercial shoots for local wedding magazines as a way to build their portfolios.  We think showing photos of models is wrong.  So we only show photos of real couples, real weddings, and real emotions.


We are Chicks

Well most of us are.  Every Dee Akright team has at least one woman on it.  While our male photographers are awesome, we feel women are just more in tune with the stress and emotions of a typical wedding day.  And as women, you don’t have to worry about us being in your dressing room while you’re getting ready.


We are Low Stress

Rest assured, it’s all about you.  Our photographers are hand picked for being able to deal with the fast pace and stress of a typical wedding.  We’re very laid back and great at making things work no matter what.  Plus if you want to take some time out to do some cool photos, we’re all for it.  But we won’t be dragging you away from your family and guests for 1-2 hours like some photographers are doing.


We are Dee Akright Photographers.  

We are here for you.  Call or email us now.