Too often we see photographers who go into a wedding with the thought that they are going to control the entire day. Or they're "strictly photojournalists" and make no effort to create at least a few good shots for you.  Or they're only "available light" photographers.

At Dee Akright Photographers, we recognize that your wedding day should be one of the most incredible days of your life. It should be happy, and fun, and full of wonderful emotions. But more than anything it should be totally free of hassle or worry.

For that reason, our approach to wedding photography is a non-invasive, photojournalistic style, mixed with traditional "directed" portraits. Because no one is gorgeous all the time.  We also supplement our love of natural light with extensive knowledge of "woman-made" light because we understand that not every wedding takes place on a beautiful plantation just before sunset.

My associate photographers and I now photograph an average of 2-4 weddings each weekend. Brides call us from all over the nation for weddings throughout Virginia, North Carolina, the Outer Banks, and our Nation's Capital. And we're happy to travel just about anywhere if need be.